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SNE is a European association representing
the views of its members, who are the dietetic
food industry associations of the EU Member States.

Guidance document on amino-acids

Brussels, October 2018: Voluntary industry guidance on amino acids in foods and food supplements

Together with 5 science and trade associations, SNE has been working on the finalization of an industry guidance document to proactively guide the relevant users of amino acids towards responsible and safe use of amino acids in human nutrition in Europe.

There is currently no harmonized EU legislation covering the provisions of use or purity specifications of amino acids in foods and food supplements.

Certain pieces of EU legislation – as Directive 2009/39/EC (PARNUTs Directive) now replaced by Regulation (EU) 609/2013 (FSG Regulation) – provide specific provisions on the use of amino acids for Foods for Specific Groups (FSG).

However, the recent repeal of the PARNUTs Directive triggered further concerns, because amino acids are now regulated under general food law and thus are not covered by the specific provisions of the Union list – annexed to the FSG Regulation.

Moreover, across the EU, some Member States have established detailed country-specific rules.

Thus, the “Amino Acid Coalition” has worked on the abovementioned voluntary industry Guidance. It refers to a voluntary and self-regulating basis for the safe nutritional use of amino acids, and their specific derivatives, in food supplements and other foods, and comprises a description of the current regulatory situation, a list of substances proposed accompanied with relevant specifications and best practices.



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the food industry average is 0,53%

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