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Changing life quality through nutrition

SNE is a European association representing
the views of its members, who are the dietetic
food industry associations of the EU Member States.

Our priorities

In the frame of the European Commission stakeholder consultation to take stock of its better regulation agenda and feed into a report which will be published in the spring of 2019, SNE warns about the dangers of deregulation in its position paper.

The specialised nutrition industry is one of the most strictly regulated sectors in the European Union, with legislation covering hygiene, additives, labelling, and advertising, among other areas.

Given the contribution of these products to public health in Europe, specific legislation covering their composition, production, labelling and marketing has been harmonised at EU level since 1989, thereby guaranteeing a safe and effective use of these products by the consumers who rely on them. These strict levels of regulatory control support our industry aim of ensuring consumer trust.

Directive 2009/39/EC on Foodstuffs intended for Particular nutritional uses (PARNUTs) provided the legal framework for these foods. This Framework Directive was reviewed in 2013.

Regulation on Foods for Specific Groups (No 609/2013) is now applicable in the Member States (since 21 July 2016).

This new Regulation reconfirms the specific nature of specialised nutrition products and provides an umbrella legislative framework for various category-specific products. At the same time, it refined the scope of the former PARNUTs Directive and provides a new and modernised legislative landscape for specialised nutrition.

It did however also create a number of legislative uncertainties for some product categories, which still need to be solved.



About 5% of turnover is invested in research:

the food industry average is 0,53%

The annual turnover of the specialised nutrition industry across the European Union (including exports) is around €24bn


The specialised nutrition industry is a world leader:

each year, exports total around €8bn